Brace Yourself. Cinco de Mayo Is Coming

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For Mexican food lovers everywhere, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect holiday. Specials on food and drinks plus the fun celebratory atmosphere cause diners to flock to their favorite Mexican restaurants near Nashua. Whether you’re looking for somewhere new to try or want to revisit your favorite place, we hope you’ll stop by El Tapatio this May 5th. But when a popular holiday rolls around, you want to ensure that you have a great time when you go out with your family and friends.

Here are some tips to help you have a great time this Cinco de Mayo.


Plan ahead.

Because everyone knows that organized fun is the best kind of fun. Seriously though, if you want Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo, planning ahead is key. While just going out and seeing where the night takes you sounds like a fun idea, it quickly becomes less fun when you can’t get a table at any restaurant you hoped to eat at. We recommend calling ahead and reserving a table, especially if you are going out with a group. While you’re on the phone with us, we’ll be happy to tell you our specials as well!


Try something new.

Whether they’re restaurants or dinners or drinks, we all have our go-to favorites. When you’re visiting Mexican restaurants near Nashua, Cinco de Mayo is the time to branch out. Cinco de Mayo is Mexican cuisine’s time to shine, so take advantage of the deals and specials that the restaurant rolls out just for this day. Sip on a margarita flavor you’ve never tried before or order that dish on the menu that always seemed “too adventurous” for you. El Tapatio has recently added some new items to our menu that we are sure you will love.


Get the real thing.

Not all Mexican restaurants are the same. When you’re searching for restaurants near Nashua to go to on Cinco de Mayo, you want somewhere at serves authentic Mexican food. And when it comes to authentic Mexican food, El Tapatio knows how to deliver. Our chefs have their roots in  Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, so they know how to use Mexican spices and flavors to give you a real taste of Mexico. If you decide to visit us on Cinco de Mayo or stop by another time, you will always have a delicious and authentic experience.

Searching for great restaurants near Nashua? Visit El Tapatio in Merrimack to experience a taste of Mexico in NH!

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