Delicious Mexican Food to Try for the Holidays

In many places, the holidays are when people pull out all the stops and make heaps of delicious food. And Mexico is no exception. The holidays, especially Christmas, are an important time in Mexico, so celebrations are big and the food is abundant. Outside of trips to our favorite Mexican restaurants, many of us without Mexican heritage don’t have much experience with traditional Mexican food.


Mexico has many holiday traditions. Let’s take a look at some of the Mexican food associated with Christmas and the surrounding holidays.


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Rosca de Reyes

This sweet bread is technically for after Christmas, but the holidays are a long season in Mexico, running from December 12th (or 8th, in some regions) through February 2nd. Rosca de Reyes, “Three Kings Bread,” is for the feast of the Epiphany on January 6th. This dessert straddles the line between bread and cake. It is filled with dried fruit, almonds, and spices.


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Tamales are a common holiday food in Mexico, in both their sweet and savory varieties. One of the most common fillings you find around Christmastime is pork, but there are many other varieties as well. Tamales are often part of the Nochebuena—Christmas Eve—celebrations.


Ensalada Navideña

Similar to a casserole or a trifle, this sweet and creamy fruit salad seems like a dessert, but you often find it alongside savory dishes. The ingredients often include canned pineapple, apples, and walnuts mixed into something thick and sweet like table cream or vanilla yogurt.



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Mexican Wedding Cookies

Despite the name, these butter cookies aren’t just for weddings! In fact, you are more likely to find them at a Christmas party than at a wedding reception. Although delicious, the best thing about these cookies might be that they are so easy to make! The only ingredients are flour, sugar, and butter. Some people add nuts to enrich the flavor, but many people make them nut-free. You may get powdered sugar all over yourself when you eat them, but it is certainly worth it!



Celebrate the Holidays with Delicious Mexican Food!

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