Make Tonight Nacho Night!

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Who doesn’t like nachos? They’re crunchy, tasty, and easy to make. You can always get nachos at your favorite Mexican restaurant—El Tapatio, of course—but they’re also great to make at home. And all you need to make them is tortilla chips, cheese, and toppings. You probably already have everything you need, you don’t even have to go shopping! So why not make tonight nacho night?


Here are some tips to help you perfect your nacho-making technique.


Make your chip base.

The key to good nachos is a good base of tortilla chips. You can choose your favorite brand of variety, but it’s important that they’re thick enough. Your tortilla chips need to be robust enough to hold the weight of your toppings. Thinner chips are great for salsa and dips, but for nachos, you want a thicker variety. After you select your chips, spread them across a baking sheet. You can usually get about one bag on a single sheet.


It’s all in the cheese.

The cheese is what holds the nachos together, so you want to get it right. Monterey jack (or pepper jack for some extra spice) and Colby are great choices because they melt easily. Many people go with cheddar because they like the flavor, even though it takes a little longer to melt. You can also combine your favorite cheeses.

There is the question of whether it’s worth shredding your own cheese. Even though using a cheese grater can be a lot of effort, we think it’s worth it. When you buy pre-shredded cheese in a bag, you’ll notice that there are anti-clumping agents on the ingredients list. That keeps the cheese from sticking together in the bag, but the cheese doesn’t melt as well.


Put what you like on top.

One of the great things about having nacho night at home is that you can top your nachos however you like. You can use up some of your leftovers, or you can cook up some ingredients just for your nachos. Ground beef, chicken, black beans, onions, and corn all make excellent nacho toppings. Finish it off with sour cream, salsa, or guacamole.


Don’t feel like cooking? Have nacho night with us at El Tapatio! Visit us at 707 Milford Road in Merrimack.

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