Setting the Record Straight: Mexican Food Myths

Tired of looking for the best “lunch near me?” If so, it’s time to visit El Tapatio! While many people turn the other cheek when they hear the term Mexican food, others have been enjoying the cuisine for centuries. So, why would someone shy away from this delicious, authentic cuisine? Well, some of the rumors and myths around the cuisine are a bit offsetting. 


Our team of talented chefs is here to end the craziness and shine a light on the truth around Mexican food. 


Mexican food is just too spicy.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Mexican food is that the food is all spicy. This is primarily because in Mexico, any original recipes of common foods all include chilis. However, this does not mean that all of the dishes are spicy. Most chilis are used as a flavor enhancer and lose their spice when cooked and mixed with other flavors like dairy, sugar, and more. This is also the case when people see red foods on the menu when it usually is just the color of something. 

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Latino Food is the Same as Mexican Food

When it comes to discussing Latino food, Mexican is the one that comes to mind. However, Mexico is not the only Latin country that exists! In addition to Mexican food, there is also Cuban, Argentinian, Peruvian, Brazilian, and many more!


Mexican food is tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.

While these are some of the most popular food items in Mexican restaurants, they are not the only things on the menu. At El Tapatio, we offer a wide selection of authentic Mexican foods such as salads, soups, fajitas, rice, chicken, and more. It is just something that you will have to come check out yourself. 


There are no vegetarian options.

While meat is a prominent ingredient in many Mexican dishes, it does not mean that it is in every single dish. In addition to our vast menu options at El Tapatio, we offer a great selection of vegetarian options. This includes potato and spinach enchiladas, the burrito loco, and our famous veggie enchirito.  


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Hard shells are a Mexican creation.

One of the biggest myths that shock many is that hard-shell tacos are not a Mexican invention. In fact, they were invented by an American man named Glen Bell, AKA the founder of Taco Bell. Bell developed the original take on the Mexican soft-shell taco and made it into something that he thought American fans of the food would enjoy. Boy, was he right, too. Hard-shell tacos made their way into the taco world and were made into a food industry staple. 


Finding the best “Lunch Near Me.”


At El Tapatio, our staff is all about serving authentic Mexican food. We have been family-owned and operated with our family recipes for 15 years, and we are not planning on stopping. Our chefs know the ins and outs of Mexican spices and flavors. Combine this with our great hospitality, and it is no wonder why El Tapatio comes up first when looking for “lunch near me.”


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Let us lead you into the world of enjoying great food in our Merrimack location today!


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