National Margarita Day: Yes, It’s A Thing

Any Mexican food fan has heard of Cinco de Mayo. But, did you know about National Margarita Day? Yes, you read that correctly. You have a reason to drink margaritas in February for no good reason at all. Doesn’t get much better than that. However, with the crazy times we live, many people are staying in instead of visiting their favorite Merrimack restaurants, like El Tapatio! It’s okay, we miss you, but we understand too.

For those of you staying home, here are a few ways to celebrate this February 22nd, National Margarita Day.


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It starts with an invite.


While sitting home watching the hottest show on Netflix, margarita in hand, may sound fun. We vote no. Not today. National Margarita Day is a day of celebration, a day to be with friends and family (if only just a few). So pick up that phone and invite a few of your favorite peeps over for a night of laughs, games, and okay – maybe some Netflix.


Taco bar meets the margarita bar.


Let’s face it, everyone likes their margarita just the way they like it. Thus, a margarita bar is a perfect solution to keep everyone happy! Start by having a few base selections like the classic margarita, a fruity choice like mango, and something more daring like the jalapeño margarita.

Next, you’ll want to have all the fixings for your guests. From salt plates to sliced limes, fresh fruit to sugar, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. We also suggest keeping the tequila separate. By allowing your guests to add their own tequila, you can be confident that their drink will be ‘just right.’


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Remember, it’s the little things that count!


Once the night is well underway, be sure to save a few fun surprises for your guests. With things like margarita jello-shots, tequila sippers, and adult-infused popsicles, you’re sure to create a few good memories!

Of course, you can’t just serve margaritas. Consider homemade guacamole, salsa and chips, or go all out with a complimentary taco bar! No matter what you choose, your night is sure to be the much needed fun that most of us having been craving!


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February 22nd is around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking tequila. Whether you’re scoping out Merrimack restaurants to visit or planning a small gathering at home, you won’t want to let this day pass you by! Of course, we’d love to see you at El Tapatio! Our dining room is open, and we are definitely serving up the best margaritas in town. But don’t take our word for it, visit us today at 707 Milford Road in Merrimack!



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