Tequila. An Inside Look at The Differences.

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Tequila and Mexican food seem to go hand and hand. It’s like queso dip and tortilla chips really. They are just best buds. However, whether you’re searching Mexican restaurants near Nashua or for the best Italian food around – there is always one daunting question when ordering a margarita. What type of tequila do you prefer?

While most of us have our fall back, what happens if the restaurant doesn’t carry your favorite brand? Do you settle for a lesser quality because you know the name? Or, do you savor the selection to choose an alternative based on taste? For most, we go with the first option because it’s the easiest.


That is until you read this article to understand the true difference behind the many types of tequila.




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Silver (Blanco)

Regardless of the category, all tequila begins its journey with the blue agave plant. Blanco, or silver tequila is one of the purest forms of tequila available. While some brands age blanco for up to two months, most are aged for no more than a week or two – if at all. Often bottled directly from the distilling process, there is little room for error in this category.


Gold (Joven)

Similar to blanco in the aging process, gold tequilas are very rarely aged. However, a joven tequila differs significantly from a blanco in how it is produced. First, and most obvious, is the appearance. Gold tequila earns its name and coloring from the addition of caramel coloring that is added before the fermentation process begins.

The second difference falls with the brands that are not labeled ‘100% agave.’ These brands (no names mentioned) add a hefty dose of sugar to their blend as well. While both silver and gold tequilas are two of the strongest options for mixed cocktails, joven is best served for those with a sweeter tooth.


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Another popular choice is reposado. Aged between 2 months and 1 year, this tequila inherits the distinct undertone of the barrel in which it is aged. For example, most reposado is aged in oak, creating a smooth balance between the agave plant and the deep wood tones. However, it is not uncommon for some brands to age tequila in bourbon, whiskey, or wine barrels.




For those who prefer to leave aside the extras and sip their tequila, anejo is an excellent choice. Aged for a minimum of 1 year but no more than 3, this is another tequila settled into the oak barrel. While the tequila inherits the oak flavor, the extended aging process also creates an amber hue and hints of vanilla.



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Next time your server asks, “What type of tequila do you prefer,” answer with confidence! And, when it comes to Mexican restaurants near Nashua, be sure to stop in and visit us at El Tapatio. Located on the Merrimack/Nashua line, we offer the largest selection of in-house tequilas for everyone!

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