3 Ways to Celebrate National Tequila Day

Restaurants near Nashua are getting ready for July 27th! Where will you be?


restaurants near nashua


If it seems like there is a day for everything, well, there pretty much is. However, one of our favorites is right around the corner, National Tequila Day! Here at El Tapatio, we love a good margarita, shot of tequila, or (in all honesty) nearly any handmade cocktail combined with our favorite spirit. Dating back to the early 1500s, tequila is one spirit with quite the history and time under its belt to achieve perfection.


In celebration of National Tequila Day, we’re looking at three perfect ways for you to honor the day!


Treat yourself to a little taste testing.

If you think about tequila, chances are you have a favorite type or brand that is your go-to. Why is this? Perhaps sticking with the familiar is easier than exploring. Well, today is the time to seize the day! Treat yourself to a little tequila taste testing and try out a few types of tequila that may catch your eye. Blanco, Joven, Anejo – do you know the differences? Be sure to check out our previous article before jumping in!


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Taco Wednesday?

Sure, the 27th may not be a Tuesday. It’s really close though. What better way to get over the hump of the work week than with a dinner party for friends? Switch it up and host Taco Wednesday with (of course) an array of tequila samples for your friends to try! Or, better yet, host a byot taco night! This option allows everyone to try everyone else’s tequila of choice while chomping down on a few delicious tacos!


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Head over to your favorite restaurants near Nashua!

While we say ‘restaurants’ we know that El Tapatio tops the charts! Our doors will be open and we invite you to stop by!


Did you know that July 27th is National Tequila Day? It’s true, and you better believe Mexican restaurants near Nashua (like El Tapatio) will be celebrating! Whether you stop by for a quick shot of your preferred tequila or try out one of our speciality margaritas, we look forward to celebrating with you!

Visit El Tapatio on July 27th to celebrate National Tequila Day! You will find us in Pennichuck Square in Merrimack, NH!

Please remember never to drink and drive!

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